Entry Door Frame Repair Solution

The Jamb Patch

When replacing the entire entry door frame is not in the budget, a Jamb Patch is the solution.

  • Cost and Time Efficient Repair of Rusted Steel FramesJamb_Patch_Kit_10-2-13
  • Made From Corrosion Resistant, Galvanealed Steel
  • Non-handed Design, Repair Either or Both Sides of the Frame
  • All Necessary Hardware Included
  • Detailed Instructions Included
  • Designed for "Do-It-Yourself" Repair
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Opening


Don't Throw Away a Perfectly Good Frame!

Steel door frames are designed to last for many years. Although they become subject to rust especially frames installed along the exterior of buildings, the greater portion of the frame is still in perfectly functional condition. Yet all too often, the customer replaces the entire frame when all that is required is a proper repair of the rusted section.


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Will the Jamb Patch work on any manufacturers' steel  frame?

At this time, the Jamb Patch works on standard masonry door frames. Refer to the product dimensions section of the Product Specification Sheet.

Can I use the Jamb Patch to repair a fire rated frame?

The Jamb Patch does not carry a fire-rating label. As most frames that rust are in an exterior opening of a building and most exterior frames do not require or carry a fire rating, the Jamb Patch will fit many of the rusted frames in existence today. If the repair applies to a fire rated frame, the authority with local jurisdiction, i.e. the fire marshal, must be consulted prior to proceeding. 

How long will the Jamb Patch extend the life of my frame?

The Jamb Patch is made from galvanealed steel and should provide many years of life for the repaired portion of the frame.

How long does it take to install a Jamb Patch?

The installation time for one Jamb Patch runs usually from 60 to 90 minutes. Both sides of a frame can be repaired usually in less than 3 hours.

Does Installation of the Jamb Patch require a skilled door technician?

The Jamb Patch can be installed by anyone with basic mechanical skills. A skilled door technician is not required. Click here for You Tube Video of Installation.

Will there be other versions of the Jamb Patch available?

MCD is currently working on variations of the Jamb Patch product that would allow for the repair of other portions of the frame, for example, repair of the strike area or the header in the case where it was not originally reinforced for a closer.

Can the Jamb Patch be used to repair frames in geographic areas where hurricane building codes apply?

MCD suggests that the local building inspector be consulted before proceeding with the repair.

Where can I read more about the Jamb Patch?

The following link is to an article about the Jamb Patch. Commercial Steel Entry Door Jamb Repair.

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