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The Jamb Anchor

  • Cost and Time Efficient Repair of Corroded Aluminum FramesJamb_Anchor_Package
  • E-coated Steel for Long Service Life and Protection from Galvanic Corrosion
  • Kits Available for Center and Side Jamb Configurations
  • All Necessary Hardware Included
  • Detailed Instructions Included
  • Designed for "Do-It-Yourself" Repair
  • Extend the Life of the Door System
  • Can Be used to Anchor Other Items or Equipment
  • BUY NOW!!!!
$ 119.00 Each Plus Shipping                

Jamb_Anchor_Before_and_AfterFix it Yourself, Avoid the High Cost of Complete Jamb or Door System Replacement!

Aluminum door-frames are desinged to last for many years. Although they become subject to corrosion from chemicals, e.g. salt, or galvanic action from intimate contact of dissimilar metals, the greater portion of the frame is still in perfectly functional condition. Yet all too often, the customer replaces the entire frame and door system when all that is required is a proper repair of the corroded section.                                                                                                BUY NOW!!!!

YouTube_logo_stacked_whiteClick Here to View a Jamb Anchor Information Video            Jamb_Anchor_Installation_Instructions  Cilck here to View Installation Instructions

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Will the Jamb Anchor work on all sizes of door jambs?

The Jamb Anchor is designed to work best on rectangular door frames that measure either 1-3/4" x 4-1/2" or 2" x 4-1/2". The Jamb Anchor is field adjustable to accommodate both sizes. Refer to the product dimensions section of the Product Specification Sheet

Can I use the Jamb Anchor to repair jambs made from materials other than aluminum?

The Jamb Anchor is compatible with jambs made from many materials including aluminum, steel, etc. 

How long will the Jamb Anchor extend the life of my frame?

The Jamb Anchor is manufactured with e-coated cold rolled steel and should provide many years of life for the repaired portion of the frame.

How long does it take to install a Jamb Anchor?

Designed for Do-It-Yourself installation, the installation time for one Jamb Anchor Kit runs from 30 to 60 minutes.

Does Installation of the Jamb Patch require a skilled door technician?

The Jamb Anchor is designed to be installed by anyone with basic mechanical skills.  A skilled door technician is not required. Click here for You Tube Video of Installation.

Will there be other versions of the Jamb Patch available?

MCD is currently working on variations of the Jamb Anchor product that would allow for the repair of other sizes of door jambs.

Where can I read more about the Jamb Anchor?

The following link is to an article about the Jamb Anchor. Commerical Aluminum Entry Door Repair

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